10 tips to shatter fears and travel solo

6 • seek inspiration from other travelers 

Social media has allowed us an inside look into the lives of others and is a great way to share and explore travel experiences. As a private person, I’ve never been a fan of the medium outside of business use. However, as I trek around the world, I’ve opened up more in order to share my experiences with you and inspire you. Why? Because I’ve noticed a lack of diversity in the travel industry. Especially when it comes to black travelers specifically. And black female travelers simply aren’t accounted for in the tourism industry.

It’s rather ironic given the amount of disposable income black travelers have and spend on travel. Yet, we are still underrepresented in the travel industry and that’s not kosher. This lack of representation is what led me to create this platform and start documenting my journey. It certainly wasn’t because I wanted y’all up in my business. And it wasn’t to brag as I’ve yet to touch the surface of all the places I want to go. It’s simply to inspire and share a hopefully entertaining story while doing so.

While resources for black travelers are on the rise, we are still overlooked in the tourism sector and travel resources for black and brown travelers just can’t compete with all the travel guides and itineraries out there geared toward everyone else.

It matters because consumers, travelers, and people, in general, want to see someone they can relate to. Someone that kind of looks like them. A different world is out there for travelers of the diaspora and we need to understand those differences in order to evolve and immerse ourselves for up close and personal experiences.

When the fear of defeat creeps inside and tells you it can’t be done, do it! Seek inspiration from other travelers. Peruse social media to easily find photos and videos of other travelers that look like you with inspiring tales. When you see someone who resembles yourself it creates a relatable experience that should resonate with you in a positive way. There’s so much inspiration out there, just find some and lean back!

7 • find solo female travel approved destinations

Some destinations are better than others when it comes to solo female travel. A quick internet search will provide you with numerous travel destinations that are great for women traveling alone.

You can also check out my running list of destinations for solo female travelers that were great to visit based on my personal experiences. The list is a live one and is updated as I discover new gems.

8 • trust yourself

Wherever your travels take you, go in confidence. Trust yourself to make the right decisions. And make sure you prep for travel. Check out my article for insight on how I prepare when traveling solo. It is important to perform due diligence beforehand so don’t skip this tip.

9 • think of traveling like starting a new gig

Assuming you’ve worked at some point in your life, think of traveling solo like starting a new job. It’s a similar concept. You step into new unfamiliar territory. You get to know the people and the culture of the organization. You have to navigate the hierarchy, build relationships and friendships, and you do it alone.

Sure, people are around you. Some will help you settle into your new role, some won’t. Either way, you’ve arrived and you’re going to do what you came to do.

You know yourself, you’ve done research, and you’ve landed this gig.

Apply the same approach to traveling solo and you’ve got this!

10 • book your trip

Enough already, let’s go! Book that trip and be sure to tell me where you decided to go and circle back to let me know how it went. I just may see you on the road…

P.S. I know this was a long read and am glad you made it this far. I love, love, love telling stories and hope while you speed read through these tips you were able to take away 10 tips to shatter fears and travel solo. 

P.P.S. Ask me anything! I’d love to help you find yourself through travel.


  1. This is a really inspirational post! Thank you so much for saying the things you did. I plan to teach abroad and my mother is currently trying her best to talk me out of it. While I respect her opinion it is clear that she is projecting her fear of the unknown onto me. Yes, it will be scary at first but I’m more than ready to face the challenge. It’s nice to read a post about that topic from a fellow black female who has traveled. You’re a real inspiration!

    • Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad to inspire you. Listen to your instinct and go teach abroad. Your mom means well but she can’t help herself in wanting you to stay. If you don’t go, it’ll be one of your biggest regrets. You’ll be successful. And, if you don’t like it you can always go home. I share from experience. Wishing you all the blessings and peace on your journey. Let me know how it goes. Xoxo

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