Hola, I’m Cultured Black Pearl!

A solo female traveler and blogger who inspires, educates, and encourages women, especially those of color, to see the world.

The face of travel lacks diversity. The industry would have you believe we’re not out and about the globe.

I’ve always been a traveler thanks to my entrepreneurial spirit and lucrative career in marketing & finance. But, it was three years ago when I hit pause on my career and took to the road full-time and began sharing my travels with you.

Folks were curious about how, why, when, and where I traveled solo. This sparked my desire to share and give others courage and guidance to do the same. As a private person, this was a huge step.

Soon, I realized sharing trustworthy content and intimate details of my travels empowered other women to pick up and go too. Even if it meant taking that trip solo!

Now, Cultured Black Pearl serves as a resource offering tips and insight for travelers at any stage from budget to luxury.

Cultured Black Pearl will continue filling the gap and offering perspectives from a different lens while the face of travel continues to ignore and lack diversity.

On quitting my job and traveling the world

Seems the new “thing” is to quit your job and travel the world. Many encourage it. I don’t unless you can afford to do so. It’s that simple.

For me, I put my twenty-five year career on hold out of necessity. No longer thrilled with being unable to take vacation and enjoy it. Unable to fully disconnect no longer worked for me. After all, what was I slaving for.

On where I’ve been

Last time I checked, 6 continents and more than 70 countries. I stopped counting. I live in the moment and travel where my heart desires. No rhyme or reason. I try to write about every trip but sometimes when I’m off the grid, I’m off.

Longest time on the road solo

3 years and counting…

On Cultured Black Pearl

Cultured Black Pearl produces trustworthy content, shares resources, and connects travelers to brands and destinations interested in diverse consumers. Communicating with travelers to help them on their way is part of my daily routine.

Many travel bloggers encouraging travelers to quit jobs lack transparency and honesty around what it truly takes to travel affordably and with longevity. They also fail to provide authentic cultural experiences and not just those customized exclusively for white consumers.

Many believe it is impossible and unsafe for an African-American female to travel + alone across the globe.

I bust this myth as a solo female traveler and knock down barriers in the travel industry while teaching you how to travel abroad safely and seamlessly.

My readers hail from all walks of life and enjoy diverse travel & lifestyle perspectives. With a dedicated readership surpassing 70,000, I help travelers navigate freely.

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To start the conversation on working together, please contact me.

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