Bali perspectives after the trip

Bali perspectives after the trip offers a glimpse into my experience.

My travel journey to Bali was beyond surreal.

The culture, people, and food were all amazing. Balinese culture is a lot to take in. There’s so much to learn related to the order of things. I appreciated how everyone got along even though they may have different beliefs. The common denominator was mutual respect for all within the community.

Hinduism is the main religion in Bali followed by Islam. Each letter in the word I.S.L.A.M. has a meaning in Bali and I regret not writing it down. If you know, drop me a line. A small group of practicing Christians reside here too.

As we traveled through villages, young children walked safely in the streets. I imagined what it’d be like if this were the case all over the world. Children able to roam freely without fear because everyone in the village takes part in serving and protecting each other.

While I’m sure things happen in Bali, since no place is exempt from tragedy, the occurrences were very low per my talks with locals. The tremendous support within each village left a glimmer of hope.

Not many African-Americans in Bali

I didn’t see any African-Americans while vacationing in Bali. I know a few were in town thanks to Instagram and the hashtag #blackinbali but never saw anyone else. On an island with more than 4 million people, we were missing in action. Yet, I didn’t sense much discrimination from the Balinese people. The only ounce was at Mal Bali Galeria. If it were more, it was well disguised.

Having had a number of racist experiences in my travels around the world, it was refreshing to not have to deal with the prejudices of others. I’ve come to learn, the darker your skin abroad, the more likely you’re assumed a prostitute. This was ever so clear in Colombia.

The Balinese were very friendly and respectful. Eager to share their culture and experiences with you. And, the more you expressed interest, the friendlier they were.

Bali meant many things to me.

It was a time for me to break away from the day-to-day grind and free my mind. I set out to have an authentic experience and must say my spiritual travel journey to Bali delivered.

I plan to return in the dry season and stay a bit longer to truly take in all Indonesia has to offer.

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