Warung bejana • Restaurant Review

bejana uluwatu

bejana is an authentic Balinese restaurant offering a journey through Indonesian Archipelago. Located in Badung, the open air restaurant is perfectly situated on a busy corner not far from Uluwatu Temple.

The ambiance is inviting as is the service.

The Indonesian vegetable noodle soup with Lumpia (vegetable spring rolls) was yummy and filling. Tip: often eggs appear hard-boiled but are actually soft-boiled throughout Indonesia. So, be careful biting into one expecting a hard-boiled egg. When in doubt, ask or request hard-boiled if that’s your preference.

Some of the main courses from the bejana menu: 

  • Iga Bakar (slow braised grilled pork ribs with white rice & Balinese BBQ sauce)
  • Crispy Duck (half duck steamed & deep fried in Balinese spices)
  • Adam Bakar Bumba Lemo (grilled chicken in lemongrass)
  • Sate lilit ikan (minced fish satay on lemon grass stick)
  • Cumi (sautéed squid in chili sauce served with yellow rice)

A major plus about be ja na (bejana) is the diverse menu. This makes it easy for meatlovers and vegetarians alike to find something tasty on the menu. An assortment of desserts are available too if you have enough room!

The open air restaurant creates a warm and potentially enchanting atmosphere.

I’d highly recommend a trip to be ja na (bejana) if you’re in the Warung area.

P.S. Watch the offerings on the ground upon entry!

be ja na pics


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