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Blue Apron

How Brazilian wax in Hoboken led me to Blue Apron

Conversation topics during a Brazilian wax run the gamut. So, I wasn't taken aback when Blue Apron came up. After all, you need something to take...

Seared Cod & Summer Succotash

Seared Cod & Summer Succotash is simply irresistible. This Blue Apron recipe doesn’t call for much seasoning yet packs a punch full of flavor....
Couscous Stuffed Zucchinivideo

Cooking Couscous Stuffed Zucchini

Back in the kitchen with another Blue Apron recipe. This time I'm making Couscous Stuffed Zucchini with Goat Cheese and Summer Squash Salad. The...
Spicy Peperonata Pastavideo

Spicy Peperonata Pasta

Cooking my first meal with Blue Apron was so much fun! The first dish was a savory and tangy Spicy Peperonata Pasta. Being vegetarian...
Traveling with Friends Abroad

Traveling with friends • Is that drama on the road?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known your friends when it comes to traveling on the road for any period of time even the...
Traveling while vegetarian, stir fry

Traveling while vegetarian • quick meals

Traveling while vegetarian takes some planning but is getting easier as more establishments recognize the diverse dietary needs of travelers and tourists. I like...
eating healthy while traveling

Eating healthy while traveling

Being on the go can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re not eating healthy, not staying hydrated, and skipping exercise. As...