Eating healthy while traveling solo

eating healthy while traveling
snapper, rice, and veggies

Being on the go can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re not eating healthy, not staying hydrated, and skipping exercise. As a vegetarian for years, finding a place that offers healthy dining options while traveling can be a chore. Consuming enough calories on a vegetarian diet can be another. Combine all that with a number of food allergies and it becomes a very daunting task. Recently, I incorporated fish back into my diet and now plan ahead to stay eating healthy while traveling.

Here are my tried and true tips for eating healthy while traveling:


Meal prep takes planning. The temptation to delve into fast food can increase when you don’t have the right choices within arms reach and hungry. To get ahead of eating unhealthy grub, I pack snacks that are sustainable on the road and fit easily into my luggage. I’m allergic to a variety of nuts so I make my own trail mix and stock up on protein bars, dried fruit, and a bag of Lemonheads (satisfies my sweet tooth). Sometimes, I take portable containers small enough to fit in my purse and perfect for portion control. These small bowls keep food cold and fresh for the day and are reusable. Now, I’m not disciplined enough to meal prep for more than a few days at a time BUT it helps me while en route to avoid eating poorly. Also, if meals are served on my flight, I plan those ahead too. Most airlines allow you to request special meals in advance to meet your dietary restrictions. Take advantage of this to stay eating healthy while on-the-go!

drink up

Drink some water, then drink some more. I try to replace all my liquids with water and trust me this isn’t easy as someone that loves lemonade, Coke, and her cafe mocha. When I drink plenty of water on the plane it reduces jet lag, provides energy, and keeps me full. My friend has an app that makes a gulping sound to remind her to drink throughout the day. I haven’t gotten to the point of downloading an app like this yet, but I’m thinking about it.

find a market

Don’t fall for the snack traps in your hotel room. Find a market and stock up on healthy items such as fruit, protein, nuts, granola, etc. If you have the option to cook, then do it! Also, if your hotel offers free breakfast, avoid the urge to sleep in and get up and grab some. When all else fails, make sure you have enough healthy stacks on deck that will hold you over until you can find dining options (not fast food) that compliment your healthy lifestyle.


Technology helps me stay on track. My favorite apps to stay fit and eat right are MyFitnessPal and FitBit. Both help me make sure I’ve consumed my caloric intake for the day and reached my step goal. If you’re looking for motivation, add me as a friend on either app and let’s go! Don’t worry if you fall off the plan, just get back on it, and keep it moving.

P.S. the red snapper in the photo was absolutely delicious!

What are some of the things you do to eat healthy while traveling and how do you find healthy dining options in foreign lands?  

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