Lake Mburo Safari National Park + Saso Gorilla Tours Review


Lake Mburo Safari National Park

If you’re down for a day trip and a long scenic ride, then you’ll want to check out Lake Mburo Safari National Park. It’s one of the few places in Uganda to see Big Game.

Now, the verdict is still out for me if the long-haul was worth it. However, the giraffes were definitely a sight to see and I did have good time.

Take a look at my quick safari video below highlighting some of my favorite moments in the park + photos: 

During the boat ride, witness exotic bird life and catch glimpses of hippos and crocodiles.

The highlight definitely were the kingfishers (birds) who didn’t hesitate to snatch fish twice their size out of the water with speed and precision.

The excursion to Lake Mburo Safari National Park was booked via Viator. Saso Gorilla Tours was the operator.

Sidebar: Viator’s customer service is horrendous. I’ve since stopped purchasing from them.

Saso Gorilla Tours

There was an issue with my booking and departure date. A snafu with my pickup location.  I received confirmation of my booking but the pickup location, although confirmed in the email, required additional confirmation unbeknownst to me. As a result, I was not picked up.

It took a few days to catch up with someone at Saso Gorilla Tours because the office manager was out of office.

When I did, Wilson worked with me to resolve.

It was an inconvenience.

I had to pay Saso Gorilla Tours again in cash in order to complete the trip.

I’d already paid Viator. Per the tour operator, they receive funds from Viator on a monthly basis and could not take me on the trip without cash in hand.

Abort the day-trip or pay again and await refund from Viator was the question.

Given I had everything in writing and felt confident with Wilson of Saso Gorilla Tours, I paid again and was on my way.

Kamya Kassim of Saso Gorilla Tours was an awesome tour guide. Our Uganda game drive was awesome sauce. Click To Tweet

He picked me up from my hotel in Entebbe (a special condition approved by Wilson for the mix-up) which was much appreciated as the tour normally departs from Kampala.

As a solo traveler, was glad to have the entire Safari day-trip to myself. Our conversation during the three-hour plus drive was pleasant too. I was safe in his care. He was an excellent driver navigating our off-road drive too.

Although we departed on time, we were late to arrive at Lake Mburo National Park. So, the game drive was a bit rushed and the itinerary flipped around. Part of the tour included a walk through the park. I got a chance to spot wildlife up close and personal. Maybe a little too close. You can see in the video above in the background the animals aren’t too far away.

Watch the video of my walk on the wild side above.

Overall, the tour was a positive experience. They were quick to resolve the initial issues encountered.

Saso Gorilla Tours offers many excursions. I’d book them again for a tour out to Murchinson Falls which is a 3-day overnight trip.

P.S. lunch in the park is provided and the vegetable soup was the best!


    • Thank you! I really enjoyed and will return. I’ll post my contacts this week should you need resources when you do visit. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by my blog. Safe travels.

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