Luwak Coffee Experience in Bali

Before I arrived in Bali, I said I wouldn’t do it! Try a cup of Luwak Coffee that is…

They call it “cat poop” coffee and for good reason. I said I wouldn’t do it but Bali has a way of bringing out the adventurer in you. My first and last experience sipping Luwak Coffee in Bali was enjoyable.

Luwak Coffee is the worlds most expensive coffee thanks to its unique production. You’re probably better off not knowing the origin of the coffee before you partake in a taste test. However, I was fully aware of the source when I got the nerve to try it during my vacation in Bali.

So, the little fellow a mongoose which is really just a broad term for several species of mammals within the genera family. But, when you hear the term Luwak Coffee it is usually followed with reference to the Civet. They’re all in the family.

This little animal mainly eats fruit and reptiles. A phenomena was born when it was discovered that the digested coffee beans were fermented by enzymes of the animal. This changed the structure of the protein, removing some of the acidity. The result, a smooth cup of mocha!

Would you drink cat poop coffee?

It was very strong straight, no chaser! Chase it with chocolate and the perfect cup of coffee is made.

I’d never pay $40+ for a cup of coffee (the going rate in New York) but for a once in a lifetime experience in Bali, I have to say I tried it y’all!

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