Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Mykonos Grand Hotel Private Balcony
View from my patio

Even before arrival, Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort staff were working to ensure my arrival was perfect, memorable, and unique. To start, they worked closely with us to identify our needs and desires and upon arrival made sure each was met. I was so lucky to be the first guest to stay in the fully renovated premium sea view suite. Yes, they said I was the first!! Since returning home, I have not stopped thinking about the intoxicating experience that is Mykonos.

The resort is situated on a hill overlooking the sea with the most mesmerizing views. The renovations certainly kicked things up several notches with pristine marble floors throughout, the egg-shaped bathtub, and the heavenly bed and pillows. The complimentary candles were a nice touch since I’d left my travel candles behind. The double French doors leading to my very own private terrace was breathtaking. Was this a dream? It felt like a dream. The arrival made the long flight from New York to Paris to Athens worth it. In fact, I was so at ease during my stay that I slept with the French doors open every night. Not a bug flew in!

The pale moonlight crept into my room and greeted me each night alongside the ocean waves. The bed was perfectly situated allowing me to relax in comfort while gazing out at the glistening sea. I spent my evenings with Marvin Gaye as he serenaded me to the tune of Come Live With Me Angel. Wine glass in hand, we danced a slow wind. Many thoughts raced through my mind. Being in such a magical place makes you wish there was someone special to share it with. And there was someone, but he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. If you wait on others, life can pass you by. And this, I wasn’t missing.

If you’re traveling to Mykonos and yearning for luxury travel, look no further. The on-site restaurants serve delicious meals. The salt water pool is enviable and the staff is top-notch.

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Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

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