The Buccaneer: St. Croix, Virgin Islands

The Buccaneer
The Buccaneer

November is my birthday month and I travel a lot during this time. Each year, I set out to find a relaxing and memorable experience in a new place. This particular year I picked St. Croix, Virgin Islands although my friend insisted on the British Virgin Islands (her home) instead to experience the “most beautiful” beaches in the world. BVI remains on my to-do list.

It was dark upon arrival at The Buccaneer but the nightfall didn’t hide the grandiose nature of this resort. It was quiet and peaceful. The front desk staff gave a warm welcome and the check-in process was seamless. We received coupons for local shops, suggested activities, and a calendar of the week’s events. The following morning, we participated in a welcome event for new guests to help us become familiar with the property and make friends with other travelers.

what I enjoyed

  • The central location of the hotel
  • Clean private beaches
  • Nightly entertainment (click to view)
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Helpfulness of staff
  • Scenic Great House ocean view room
  • Airport transfers

needs improvement

My only complaint about The Buccaneer is around the lack of attention to detail when it came to the cleanliness of the room furniture. While the room was sufficient otherwise, I was surprised to see thick grudge and dust had settled in the wooden bed frame and vents. As a resort that boasts a luxury experience since the 17th century, this build-up is unacceptable. Aside from this, we enjoyed our week at the resort.

The Buccaneer Hotel

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