Yacht Experience: Santorini, Greece

The Yacht Experience: Santorini, Greece

Add a private yacht experience to your list of things to do while in Santorini! We stayed at the lovely Mystique and there’s a fantastic tour operator (Catamaran Center) directly across the street. They set us up on a full-day private yacht that included snorkeling, meals, and the most thrilling attraction of all, the amazing Santorini sunset. The captain fired up the grill while we snorkeled and explored the wonderful sea creatures.Catamaran Center Santorini

The yacht experience included a stop at Santorini’s Hot Springs. The concept is pretty funny given many told us beforehand the springs weren’t really hot. They’re found off the island of Nea Kameni which is a volcanic island in the middle of the Caldera. The hot springs are known for having therapeutic benefits and are great for the skin (contains sulfur, iron, and manganese). For adventure seekers, it may be exciting to know an active volcano (last erupted in the 50s) resides here that you can walk around and explore.

hot springs came with a warning label

I’m not sure if it’s because the springs are supposed to be hot  (everyone that tried it said the water was cold), but the gents were advised to skip the dip (especially if trying to conceive during honeymoon) because the springs affected their sperm. As for everyone else, the water stains your skin and bathing suit. The stain to the clothing would be permanent. I and the boy in the bubble are related given my sensitivity to everything. Decided to spare myself and bikini the ordeal. Those who took the plunge reported the water had an unusual taste, much like garlic.

We moved on and docked near the red beach for a bit of sunbathing before the grand finale, the most beautiful sunset in the world…

Santorini Sunset - Cultured Black Pearl


  1. Great description of the yachting experience and how to enjoy it. It’s always been a dream of mine to sail around Greece so this was perfect! Thanks so much for sharing.

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