7 Travel Hairstyles for Natural Hair + Locs

travel hairstyles

99 problems, don’t let hair be one!

Traveling is stressful when you think about packing the right number of outfits, for every possible scenario, and the shoes to go with. Plus, having the right combination of clothes (many of which never escape the luggage), along with planning activities too.

When traveling, my hairstyle is not on my list of things to worry about. My focus on healthy hair, seamless hair, and styles that compliment me in any given situation and saves time is key.

Natural hair has been good to me. I’m so carefree. Sweating my hair out, dipping in the ocean, or hiking in the rainforest don’t bother me!

Here are a few of my favorite travel hairstyles to maintain healthy hair while traveling:

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1. Pipe cleaners with natural hair + locs

Travel hairstyle w/ pipe cleaners

Oh the things you can do with pipe cleaners! The flexible wires/rods are available in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors. Find them wherever arts & crafts or office supplies are sold. I love pipe cleaners with my natural hair. They offer versatility as you see in my travel hairstyle above. With my dreadlocks in pipe cleaners I’m able to achieve a shorter hairstyle. My hair is away from my face and protected from elements. This style quickly lets down for nights out on the town. Yes, I can wash my hair and swim with pipe cleaners. I always follow any dips in the ocean with a good wash, leave-in conditioner, and oils.

2. Flat twists

Twists + locs + low bun

Flat twists with a bun or pony tail helped me travel with ease in Bali. When traveling in hot climates, I like to keep my hair up and out of my face. The flat twists offer a different look and stays secure in place. Bring on the adventures!

3. Twists and messy bun

Twists + messy bun

Beaching in Turks and Caicos with my hair in a twisted high bun. This hairstyle seamlessly lets down and maintains a curled/wavy pattern offering an alternative hairstyle fresh out the water.

4. Locs and curls

Locs and curls

When on the sand and out of the water, I love to rock a head full of curls. Talking about bouncing and behaving! These tight curls stay in place until taken out.

5. Twisted and pulled up

Locs updo hairstyles

Elegant and functional hairstyle incorporates flat twists in a high bun.

6. Braided pin-up

Braids and plats in Curacao

Braids or plats worn up or down are super adaptable. Since I’m always hot, I like my hair out of my face in tropical climates. My floppy hat easily slips over my locs. I’m ready to hit the town.

7. On the side

Pulled to the side

Not sure what it is about wearing my hair to the side but I love it too! Can easily accomplish a messy bun, pony tail, or pin-up.

8. Bonus: Pipe cleaners with natural hair + locs

So, these are a few of my favorite travel hairstyles for natural hair and locs. With every style, I can swim and go about my travels without worrying about my hair. These styles are also great on the plane.

My hair essentials: Jojoba, castor, and tea tree oils are my favorite to maintain moisture and balance when traveling. I usually don’t leave home without my pipe cleaners.

What are your favorite travel hairstyles to rock on the road?


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