Walters Boda Boda Tours (Video + Review)

Walters Boda Boda Tours made my time in Kampala unforgettable! 

If you want to see all of Kampala, riding on the back of a motorcycle or as more commonly known a “boda boda” is the way to go.

The term comes from the slang abbreviation used in reference to driving from border to border transporting goods. In my Ugandan accent, boda boda it is!

The tour lasted six hours and was exhilarating. I saw all of Kampala. Up close and personal. You really can smell, hear, feel, and taste Kampala during this lovely city tour. Plus, riding on the back of a boda boda is by far the best way to navigate the painful traffic that builds up in Kampala.

I felt like Apollonia on the back of the motorcycle with Prince in Purple Rain as me and Jasper whipped around town visiting numerous landmarks.

The guided tour was definitely the highlight of my trip to Uganda.

I felt safe with Jasper.

Admittedly, I was nervous and hesitant to get on the back of the motorcycle when he showed up. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable riding sideways on the bike like so many do. I actually used to bike ride so my comfort zone involved straddling the seat. Not hanging off the side. He obliged and we were on our way.

Kampala has seven major hills that are landmarks for navigating the city.

We covered all of them plus several more.

Awesome views, wind whipping through your hair, and perfect weather resulted in an epic ride and tour of Kampala.

We stopped at the Bahá’í Temple where I met a lovely Kenyan who gave me the history of their beliefs and explained the oneness of God.

They believe there is one God whose existence is beyond our own understanding. The Creator of everything.

And, although we call Him by different names–God, Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, Holy Spirit– we speak of the same loving entity that supports and guides humanity. So, all are welcome and they do not focus on denominations.

Throughout the world there are eight houses of worship.

The guide pleased to know I’d seen one of the temples in Sydney, Australia during my solo trip the year before.

Next up, a historical visit to the King’s Palace.

The most interesting thing about the Palace was by far the torture chamber that sits on the property. I really did not want to have this experience but journeyed on inside. The energy shifted as we walked down into the depths of the chamber.

Here, people were held captive and tortured. I forget the precise number but recall the guide said more than thirty-thousand individuals lost their lives here. Some, for no reason at all.

During that time, you could lie on your neighbor, accuse them of a crime and they’d suffer the consequences. Guilty, never proven innocent.

The chambers were originally used to house artillery. At some point, the King decided it was an excellent place to hold prisoners. The entrance to the chamber surrounded by and electrical fence that often electrocuted prisoners. And, many drowned in these holding cells due to flooding that was also common at the time. (pics below)

It was truly a sordid tale and an unforgettable experience.

The last thing that stuck with me while touring the King’s Palace outside of the beautiful artwork inside the museum, was the first photos of the King dating back to the 1800s. The eerie detail in the photos left my jaw open. And, the uncanny resemblance to a friend of mine really shook me to my core. I stood there for a while looking at this photo that looks exactly like a friend of mine.

Reincarnation perhaps…

On the back of the boda boda, Jasper and I set out to the parliament, the Gaddafi Mosque, fish market, and more.

Six hours later, I didn’t even realize that my butt was sore!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my tour guide Jasper. He was professional, safe, courteous, and trustworthy which is super important to me as a solo female traveler.

Watch my short video highlighting my ride with Walters Boda Boda Tours.

It’s a must do if you’re in Kampala for the day. Not only does it give you a great perspective and background of the city, the staff are all professional. I appreciated the quick responses and flexibility of the office staff to book and accommodate me last-minute.

If you’re in Kampala, I highly recommend you book this tour.

Contact and do request Jasper. You’ll have a great time.

P.S. Walters Boda Boda Tours offers group and private tours. As a solo female traveler, the private tour on the boda boda was perfect for me and well worth the price.


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