Conrad Bali (a Hilton Hotel review)

Mixed reviews for Conrad Bali made me question staying at this Hilton property during my vacation in Bali. 

I didn’t know what to think as I planned for my solo trip to Indonesia.

My goal was to see and do as much as I could during my vacation while catching some R&R too. And, I wanted to see and do it all for free. This desire led me to Conrad Bali, a Hilton property located in Nusa Dua.

With more than 300,000 Hilton Honors points, my plan was to take advantage of Hilton properties throughout my two-month travels throughout Bali, Australia, and New Zealand.

On the map, Nusa Dua doesn’t appear far from Seminyak. When you layer in traffic and weather conditions in Bali, the drive can turn into a nightmare.

A decision had to be made.

Do I spend my entire time at Conrad Bali and travel back and forth to other towns like the bustling Seminyak I’d heard so much about. Or, divide my stay between multiple hotels.

I opted to split my time.

My Balinese journey began in the upscale town of Seminyak.

While staying in Seminyak, the luxurious W Bali Seminyak (a Starwoods Hotel) private villa delivered! I enjoyed magical nights here.

My decision to book a room at Conrad Bali as well turned out to be a smart one. I made great traction throughout Bali this way seeing both the softer side and trendy side of town.

When I arrived at Conrad Bali, I knew it was no mistake. The welcoming entrance with the tranquil waterfall fountain was my first glimpse of ooh-laa-laa. The check-in was second with a seamless experience and the scenery confirmed what would be a relaxing retreat.

With more than 300,000 Hilton Honors points, I stayed at Conrad Bali for free. Click To Tweet

Initially, I set out to stay in the private villas. However, the villas were not ready at the time (as of November 2016). Surely, I’ll go back for this experience.

That said, I landed in the the deluxe lagoon room for direct access to the pool. This room is situated on the ground floor of the hotel and allowed 24/7 access to the delicately flowing lagoon pool for adults. The tropical and lush scenery added whip appeal.

Conrad Bali Cultured Black Pearl

Conrad Bali knows how to set the mood for love.

Walking right out the room onto a private terrace and taking a dip whenever was definitely the business!

So, how’d the room stack up? Perfectly!

The room was spacious and comfortable. The bed, heavenly! The marble bathroom had ample space for one or more and the amenities were abundant.

During my stay, there was a leak in the room every time it rained. However, Conrad Bali immediately resolved the issue upon notification.

The service at Conrad Bali was exceptional and personal.

They have a spa!

Jiwa Spa is worth a visit. Focused on wellness and rejuvenation, I was elated with the massage and special services received. The serenity, service, and value were all as expected.

Overall, I’d go back to Conrad Bali in a heartbeat. In my experience, the hotel was clean and well-maintained. The beach was also clean and private. The pool (all of them) were luxurious. Parts of the hotel were under construction. It appeared they are adding stores or other amenities. However, this did not impact my stay and the construction was on the other side of the property, away from the rooms.

The hotel is massive. You could literally spend your entire time without leaving the resort!

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