Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: a luxury garden oasis (hotel review)

Cultured Black Pearl at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

During my vacation to Tokyo, Japan to see cherry blossoms up close and personal, I stayed at luxurious Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a luxury garden oasis in the heart of Tokyo. Full hotel review with photos below.

The quaint hotel tucked away on top of the hill offered charm and elegance. The comfortable bed almost impossible to get out of after the trans-atlantic flight. I talked to myself a lot during my stay. Guilt tripping myself about staying in bed too long. Enjoying the comfort of the room too long. Reminding myself I came to tour all of Tokyo in a short period before taking the bullet train to Kyoto and Osaka. Yes, I had to pep talk myself to leave the room!

From arrival, the Japanese hospitality and warm welcome kicked right in. It didn’t matter that I was the only African-American in the hotel. It didn’t matter that I was traveling solo. The reception was the jumpstart to a great time in Japan!

The spacious room was marvelous! 

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo RoomHotel Chinzanso Tokyo Room InteriorThe automatic drape and sheer curtains revealed a magical garden dating back to the 1800s. I couldn’t wait to stroll through the garden. Just knowing the artifacts within date back more than 700 years was awe-inspiring.

Relaxing on the chaise and overlooking the garden at night helped me unwind every evening upon return from full days of sightseeing in Tokyo.

The hotel offers many activities, many of which I missed out on. Trying to balance seeing everything, chasing blooming cherry blossom trees, and utilizing what I now realize was too short a time in Japan.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo tea ceremonies capture essence of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. And, kimono fittings and garden tours are available.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo KimonoDining in Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is superb. With 9 restaurants offering a variety of world cuisines, you’re bound to satisfy your palate. Plus, each restaurant has different views of the alluring garden. Every morning, yes seriously every morning, I enjoyed hazelnut french toast while gazing at the garden.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Hazelnut French Toast
The best french toast ever!

An array of other amenities are available at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Including a luxury spa, swimming pool, and christian fellowship hall for all guests and denominations.

UPDATE 8/22/17: 

Andre Sol from the hotel saw my review and indicated there’s an alternate way to access the train station which I wanted to share with you:

There are two ways from the station (Edogawabashi station) to our hotel. One is indeed a rather steep climb up the hill, but if you use the gate to our garden, the walk is rather easy (and not steep). The garden gate is however closed at night. We will show you the other way to and from the subway station when we welcome you back.

Photo gallery from my walks around Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: 

When I return to Tokyo, I’ll stay at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo again. The proximity to public transportation (via the Edogawabashi Station) was extremely convenient and affordable.

Be sure to check out my travels to Osaka and stay tuned for my solo travel journey in Kyoto and Tokyo.

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