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London Eye • Cultured Black Pearl
london eye

The all-seeing London Eye was a fantastic ride. This Ferris wheel is the largest in the world and offers spectacular views of London. You can even reserve your own private capsule or host an event.

We arrived before the ride opened (highly suggest you do the same). This area is overcrowded with tourists. Tip: purchase tickets in advance with the option to fast track (skip) the line (approx. 30 euros). I’m certain I wouldn’t have waited on the insanely long line otherwise.

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Getting on the ride can be adventurous as it doesn’t stop but slows. It’s truly a hop on/hop off experience. If you have a disability or mobility issues, they will assist you in stopping the ride briefly if you ask. After the ride, we were ushered into the 4D cinema where we saw a video highlighting the construction and history of the Ferris wheel.

There’s so much to see inside the capsule. A few things I spotted was the Jubilee Bridge, Big Ben also known as Elizabeth Tower, and some pretty cool towers. Check out the pictures below.

a few pics

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