Mykonos: thoughts from a solo female traveler

Cultured Black Pearl in Mykonos
sitting on my private balcony in Mykonos - the island in the background is Delos which is a sacred island and birthplace of Apollo and Artemis per Greek mythology

The Cyclades had my heart!

Outside of mythology, didn’t know a ton about Greece before venturing across land and sea to discover the islands of paradise marveled in song and conversation.

Planned the trip a year in advance. Hopped a flight from New York to Paris to Athens. Traveling during the off-season (October) to escape the crowd and save money was a great plan. The weather was perfect (in the high 80s). The water was cold for me.

Plenty of people swam in the sea, so it just depends on your tolerance. Solace welcomed me at Mykonos Grand Resort in the heated saltwater pool adjacent to the sea. Truly the best of both worlds.

Car rental was a breeze. There are many other ways to navigate the land (AVs, motorbikes, bus, etc.). Whichever way you decide to get around, make sure the vehicle can handle the steep hills you’ll need to climb. Saw too many cars rolling back down hills and stalled.

imageMykonos Grand Resort offered ongoing shuttles to/from the pedestrian shopping centers. Even I braved the local bus before renting a car. It was necessary to venture out to explore Órnos and Psaroú which had beautiful architecture and numerous beaches.

Greek mythology says petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules formed the island of Mykonos. Click To Tweet

If only we could time travel back to see how the islands formed.

Mostly, checking out the beaches, parks, architecture, and food quenched my thirst. Next time, I’ll explore the numerous museums.

eats & beats 

Unique shops and boutiques lined the pedestrian streets in Hóra. Most popular being Matoyánni Street. Wish I felt inclined to spend money in the boutiques. The unkind stares and blatant disgust exhibited by many shop owners by the sight of Black women in their stores turned me off.

Total disregard and complete lack of service. Many shop owners didn’t even bother to speak let alone engage in dialogue about the merchandise. After a few instances of this, my mood soured. I hung on to my funds. Took a mental picture of the unique crafts I wouldn’t buy while noting others quickly greeted and serviced.

koursarosMy favorite place to eat in Mykonos was Koursaros, a fish restaurant in Meletopoulou Square. Friendly, prompt service and delicious food. Enjoyed the best passion fruit cocktail ever. The fish looked strange but seasoned delectably.

Generally speaking, enjoyed the grub in Greece. The cheese is my absolute favorite. The kopanistí was unlike anything tasted before. Spread it or not, it is soft and delicious.

While the shopping experience wasn’t the best, I appreciated the rest of Mykonos. The winding hills, white chapels, and Cycladic architecture was a sight. Blend that with the lovely beaches, and fabulous weather and you have a winner.

little venice

Where to eat: Koursaros in Meletopoulou Square

What to do: Check out Little Venice, rent a car, hit the hills

What to see: 
pedestrian shops, windmills, beaches, museums

Where to stay: Mykonos Grand Resort

Where in the world: Located in the center of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades islands are the most well-known of the Greek Islands and include Santorini and Mykonos.

Tip: Take a seaplane instead of the ferry from Athens unless you have five hours or so to kill.


  1. Hi thank you so much for this!
    I was literally searching the web to ease my anxiety about going to Mykonos as a solo black female traveler. Your blog post definitely encouragement needed, so *ticket booked* for April. X

    • I’m glad you found my blog. Have a wonderful time and be sure to come back and let me know about your experience. Safe travels!

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