Things to do in Cali Colombia

Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali!

Had a blast in Colombia for a trip that wasn’t planned. Cali reminded me of San Diego. It was safe and the Colombians were friendly. A thriving town with plenty of culture and art and a great place to spend a few months teaching and learning Spanish. Unfortunately, I used to be fluent and lost it over time. Staying here for a while learning Spanish and Salsa might just be what I need.

Things to do in Cali Colombia:

  1. Hotel Obelisk in Cali has the best empanadas. The restaurant is connected to the hotel.
  2. Check out Iglesia La Ermita for its beautiful architecture and rich history. Its Gothic style resembles the Cathedral of Cologne in Germany. Inside you’ll find an altar of Lord of Cana which is the only remains from the earthquake of 1787 that demolished the church. Iglesia La Ermita is full of new and old charm with intricate detail.
  3. Don’t miss the cats. Gato de Tejada features bronze statues weighing more than 3 tons.
  4. Cristo Rey (the 10th largest Christ statue in the world) was my first chance to see one of the many statues of Christ around the world. The trek up the massive hill was well worth it (if you have disabilities, you can ride up). The statue was erected to commemorate the end of the War of a Thousand Days.

    Cristo Rey Statue, Cali
    Cultured Black Pearl @ Cristo Rey, Cali
  5. Iglesia de San Antonio was constructed in 1747 and the interior contains the original elements dating back centuries ago. We were welcomed inside by a very sweet nun who prayed for us. Many women come here to pray to the statue of St. Anthony who is believed to send husbands to these women. There’s a covenant of nuns inside this church that entered when they were eighteen years old and have not been seen since. Even workers inside the church aren’t allowed to see them. The church sits upon a hill that children were sliding down on egg crates (watch here). Reminded me of things we used to do as kids on the hills of Oakland and San Francisco. The panoramic view of Cali from this hillside is superb.

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