Fun Things to Do in Bali for Solo Travelers

There’s plenty of sightseeing in Indonesia. Here’s my short list of 5 fun things to do in Bali as a solo female traveler.

7Padang Padang Beach 

On a rainy day, I stumbled upon Padang Padang Beach or more infamously known as the Eat, Pray, Love beach.

A journey down many steps carved into a narrowly hollowed mountain is necessary before reaching the beautiful beach in Uluwatu. Even on a cloudy day, people laced the sandy white beach.

And no attraction would be complete without our long-tailed monkey friends. Check out the video above for an intimate look at Padang Padang Beach.

With awesome waves and seclusion, this is a great spot to surf and chill.

6Garuda Winsu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park 

Me at Plaza Garuda

The GWK Cultural park is a bit of a cheat as it is still under development. The entrance fee is about 20,000 Rupiah per person.

Once inside, there’s a few boutiques and souvenir shops, an amphitheater where you can take in Balinese dances and theatrical performances such as the Barong Dance. But, the main attraction is Lotus Pond. It is the largest outdoor area in Bali. Nestled between limestone pillars and decked in opulent landscape with the Garuda statue as the backdrop, the area hosts concerts and mega-sized gatherings.

From 300 meters above sea level, the view is astonishing. You see Jimbaran and Kuta beaches and Mount Agung and Mount Batur in the view.

If you’re into scenic landscapes, then you should definitely check out GWK Cultural Park. Just know that the park is under development and many of the attractions are not accessible. I made it work, even on a rainy day.

5Sacred Monkey Forest

There are so many monkey forests throughout Bali, take your pick. Hold on to loose particles. They will surely snatch your glasses off your face. They’ll also jump on you. The long-tailed monkeys shown in the background are considered sacred as guardians to the Gods. They are bad monkeys and thousands of them roam the forest!

4Barong and Keris Dance

Check out the Barong and Keris Dance while in Batubulan village. The Barong represents a good spirit and is a mythological animal. The dance carried out in a theatrical play represents an eternal fight between good and evil between the Barong and Rangda. The Rangda is a mythological monster representing evil. Watch the dance here. 

3Gulingan Village 

On the way to Mengwi, stop by Gulingan village. Enjoy fried tapioca, also known as cassava, in other parts of the world and sweet potato while overlooking rice paddies. Here you can have an agricultural lesson on growing rice and experience some local sweets.


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