Things to do in Cartagena

chiva bus in cartagena

Located off the Caribbean coast of Colombia is the lovely town of Cartagena. Its old charm hasn’t flooded with tourists yet, so, I highly suggest you visit before it turns into South Beach! The colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, tropical weather, and short flight from New York makes this destination one of my favorites.

Things to do in Cartagena:

  1. Stroll through Old Town which is the main attraction in Colombia.
  2. Find a private beach although I wasn’t impressed with the beaches, it makes the list.
  3. Party at Mister Babilla don’t let the outside fool you, this hot spot is loaded with fun.
  4. Catch a Chiva Bus and let go of your inhibitions. This rolling street party is not to miss.
  5. Visit San Felipe de Barajas Castle and experience the unconquered fortress that saved Colombia from invasion.

Don’t be afraid to travel to Colombia. I’m constantly amazed by the reaction of others when I tell them I’ve traveled throughout this beautiful country as a solo traveler. Having vacationed in both Cartagena and Cali without incident, I never felt insecure or afraid. Colombia is rich in history and the people were very friendly.

While you may hear horror stories of crime and the cartel, don’t be distracted by the chatter. I’ve traveled throughout Cartagena without so much as a thought of danger. Many destinations, both at home and abroad, can turn into dangerous places with the right mix of circumstance. Be smart just like you would in any locale and plan to have some fun. While it helps if you can speak a bit of Spanish this isn’t a deal-breaker. If you can shatter the fears associated with traveling alone and/or to new and foreign places then you’ll certainly enjoy the adventure that lies ahead of you in Cartagena, Colombia.

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