Traveling while Black in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Masada, Dead Sea

After a 10-hour flight (the longest so far for my husband Will) our journey to Jerusalem started upon arrival in Tel Aviv. Out of all the people exiting the airport we were randomly stopped to have our bags scanned. In all my travels I’ve never been the one randomly selected.  Will was adamant it was Black Man Syndrome. Since I’m not a Black man I just decided to agree.

Up next, the 45-minute ride to Jerusalem.

The temperature is in the upper 50s and drizzling but it doesn’t feel that cold. We walked around downtown Jerusalem and went to Machane Yehuda (a sook or flea market). Had a very good Lebanese lunch and fresh veggie juices (fruit juices for Will), saw some dresses in local boutiques (may need to sneak back and buy when Will falls asleep).

The next day we went to Masada and the Dead Sea.

Masada was a fortress built by Herod where Romans fought the Jewish (and won) which destroyed the kingdom of Judea.  It’s on the Judean desert near the shore of the Dead Sea.

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Israel is a small country so it only took 30 minutes to get there. We took a cable car up to the top (I didn’t make Will hike this trip) 450 meters above sea level. Masada was intended to keep the Romans out. Due to the elevation of the fortress every time the Romans tried to gain access they were able to push them back down the paths with rocks and water (they had an abundance of water at top of the fortress).

After years of keeping the Romans out, the Jews knew they were going to be taken over and decided to burn down all the fortress’ compounds and commit mass suicide. Guess that was better than being captured.

From Israel, we went on to the Dead Sea. 

This place of refuge for King David, per the Bible, is now used for its mineral properties.  The weather was in the upper 50s but felt like mid-60s. Still not warm enough for me to put on a bathing suit and swim in the Dead Sea. The water and salt were very good on the skin had an oily moisturizer feel. Of course, instead of submerging myself in the Dead Sea, I stood in it and collected sea salt to take home.

The long day ended with a fish spa. Basically, I submerged my feet in a tank full of fish that nibble away at dead or dry skin. Tried once before in Malaysia.  This time I was the only one getting it done and Black, so I attracted quite the crowd.

Have you been to Jerusalem, Masada, or the Dead Sea?

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