Uganda Mission Trip 2017 (Trip Planning)

Uganda School

I’ve always had a philanthropic heart. Helping others at home or abroad brings me joy. And, I don’t serve for accolades. Being blessed to serve is sufficient.

As a girl I was a traveler and dedicated to community service. Eventually, I combined my passion for both. When I relocated to New York City from Michigan, I prayed for a career that would allow me to see the world and got it.

The entrepreneur in me eventually tired of the 9 to 5 but my wanderlust blossomed. There’s gratification from charitable contribution, building communities, and empowering others.

Volunteerism remains part of my travels which is what takes me to Uganda this fall! This travel journey isn’t mine alone. I leave an imprint everywhere.

Uganda mission trip…

The opportunity to visit Uganda and make a positive impact in the lives of youth in local villages in invaluable. As someone with many words, I fall short in describing the emotion serving our communities both locally and afar.

My trip starts as a solo journey to explore beautiful countryside, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. Then, a group of twenty friends and strangers, including a medical team, join me on the second leg of the trip. We spend time between Jinja and Kampala to provide clothing, shoes, school supplies, medical supplies (and service), and other bare necessities for the villagers.

Full immersion planning is underway. Together, we will enrich the lives of locals in Uganda. Click To Tweet

More to come…

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