Uganda Travel: Sipi Falls Things to Do

Making fresh coffee in Sipi Falls, Uganda

Time to get away from the city and explore the mountainside. So, I headed to Eastern Uganda for an overnight camping trip at Sipi Falls.

Not far away is the town of Mbale and the Kenyan border.

As Mount Elgon came into view, the restlessness from the long-haul started to fade.

The three waterfalls that make up Sipi Falls were now in sight.

While you can start the journey to Sipi Falls by car, you will have to walk and hike the remainder of the way to get up close and personal.

Admittedly, I’m out of shape. I have stressed induced breathing problems that get the best of me on climbs. I was able to climb two of the three waterfalls. It wasn’t easy climbing some of the hills, but I made it. Also, it was very muddy from the rain.

Things to do in Sipi Falls

Go on a coffee tour!

I was lucky to pair up with a local guide named Sharif. He was a friendly, knowledgeable guide and local student. We toured Arabica coffee farms and local craft shops. I made fresh coffee from tree to cup. I enjoyed the process of picking my own beans. One of the best cups of coffee ever had. Sharif said even Starbucks sources beans from Mount Elgon.

Photo gallery

Sipi Falls Uganda
One of three waterfalls
Mount Elgon Uganda
Overlooking Eastern Uganda from atop Mount Elgon
chocolate waterfalls uganda
When it rains we have chocolate waterfalls
Hiking Mount Elgon
Hiking Mount Elgon
Arabica coffee beans on tree
These are fresh Arabica coffee beans. I plucked a few from the tree to make a fresh cup of coffee.
coffee beans
The process of separating the bean from the shell
Getting closer to the top of one of the waterfalls
Ugandan kids
Some pretty cool kids curious as to what we were doing on the mountain
ugandan coffee
The coffee is grounded. Preparing for my first cup.
coffee beans
Getting the beans ready and separated from their outer skin is a process
Grinding the coffee beans
Grinding the coffee beans
Drying coffee beans
The coffee beans are finally dry
coffee grinding
It’s actually a lot of work that goes into making coffee. I’m grinding the beans we pulled from the tree.

If you have time, I’d highly recommend a day trip. Amazing people and culture await you.

This excursion was booked via Walters Tours.

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